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Economic Development

Economic Development

Healthy First Nation communities require sustainable economic opportunities in order to prosper and achieve their goals.

Entrepreneurs Equity Matching Initiative

Created in 2010, the new Entrepreneurs Equity Matching Initiative (EEMI) assists First Nation entrepreneurs in BC to obtain financing for their businesses. NRT partners with five Aboriginal Capital Corporations (ACCs) to provide matching funding to emerging First Nation businesses. Funds are administered by the partner ACCs. For funding information, click here.

Community Equity Matching Initiative

In 2011, NRT expanded the EEMI to extend equity matching to First Nation community business projects in BC. NRT will continue to offer the EEMI to both business and community projects and will expand outreach efforts in partnership with ACCs to ensure potential applicants are aware of this opportunity. For funding information, click here.

Economic Development Working Group

NRT participates in the BC First Nations Economic Development Working Group, a provincial working group tasked with overseeing the Action Plan for the BC First Nation Economic Development Strategy. As part of its role with the Working Group, NRT supports partnerships that increase the capacity of First Nations in BC with respect to Economic Development.