If you would like to partner with an experienced Indigenous organization and contribute to First Nations in British Columbia in impactful and relevant ways, please email our Director of Business Development and Communications, Jessie Williams, at [email protected].

We invite Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, organizations, corporations, societies, foundations, and individuals to discuss donor and strategic initiative opportunities.

***NRT provides 100% of donations towards BC FN’s, meaning no administration fees!

***There may be equity matching opportunities for aligned initiatives.

[title font_container=”tag:h2|color:%23ffffff” align=”align-center” text=”Our Current Partners”]
[title font_container=”tag:h4″ align=”align-center” text=”First Nations Technology Council (FNTC)” link=”http://fnbc.info/fntc”][vc_single_image image=”696″ alignment=”center”]

The FNTC supports the full integration of technologies to improve the quality of life for First Nations in BC. Working with FNTC, NRT supports the First Nations in BC Web Portal.

[title font_container=”tag:h4″ align=”align-center” text=”New Relationship Trust Foundation (NRTF)” link=”http://www.nrtf.ca/”][vc_single_image image=”697″ alignment=”center”]

The New Relationship Trust Foundation is a charitable organization created by NRT in 2011. The NRT Foundation advances access to education for First Nations in BC.

[title font_container=”tag:h2|color:%23ffffff” align=”align-center” text=”Aboriginal Capital Corporations”]

In addition, NRT partners with the following Aboriginal Capital Corporations to provide equity for emerging First Nations businesses and communities under the Entrepreneur Equity Matching Initiative (EEMI) and Community Equity Matching Initiative (CEMI).

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[title font_container=”tag:h4″ align=”align-left” text=”All Nations Trust Company (ANTCO)” link=”http://www.antco.bc.ca/”]

ANTCO is an Aboriginal-owned organization that provides trust, agent, and administrative services.

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[title font_container=”tag:h4″ align=”align-left” text=”Tribal Resource Investment Corporation (TRICORP)” link=”http://www.tricorp.ca/”]

TRICORP provides a range of financial services to First Nation entrepreneurs in Northern BC.

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[title font_container=”tag:h4″ align=”align-left” text=”Community Futures Development Corporation of Central Interior First Nations (CFDCCIFN)” link=”http://www.cfdcofcifn.com/”]

CFDCCIFN promotes and provides economic development support services to First Nation people in central interior BC.

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[title font_container=”tag:h4″ align=”align-left” text=”Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation (TACC)” link=”http://www.tacc.ca/”]

TACC provides business financing and support services to Aboriginal businesses within the Coast Salish traditional territories.

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[title font_container=”tag:h4″ align=”align-left” text=”Nuu-chah-nulth Economic Development Corporation (NEDC)” link=”http://www.nedc.info/”]

NEDC provides financial assistance and advisory services to Aboriginal people residing and operating within the Nuu-chah-nulth territory.


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