Special Projects

Special Projects

West Coast Energy Fund

About the West Coast Energy Fund

The West Coast Energy Fund (WCEF) was created in partnership between the Government of Canada (Strategic Partnerships Initiative – West Coast Energy (SPI-WCE)) and the New Relationship Trust (NRT). The WCEF is a $4.5 million fund that is available to facilitate Indigenous participation in West Coast energy developments, and address related priorities and interests (including, for example, environmental priorities).

Funds will be fully disbursed on a project basis in the form of a non-repayable contribution.

Eligible project proposals must meet the project eligibility of the SPI program terms and conditions within the context of West Coast Energy (indirectly or directly involved in the LNG and oil and gas sector) and clearly support one or more objectives related to the Government of Canada West Coast Energy Infrastructure Initiative:

  • Increase Indigenous capacity to engage in dialogue on energy infrastructure development
  • Increase Indigenous capacity to address environmental priorities
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of energy infrastructure development
  • Increase Indigenous capacity to participate in and realize economic benefits from energy infrastructure development
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BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative

About the BCICEI

The New Relationship Trust will implement the British Columbia Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative (BCICEI) to provide support and capacity-building funds to Indigenous communities working on the development of clean energy projects. The initiative will provide support for the planning and implementation of clean energy projects, such as hydro, wind, biomass, solar, marine, or geothermal projects. BCICEI will also target energy efficiency projects, and energy storage, as well as assist some remote communities in reducing dependency on conventional diesel power generation.

Economic Development Support Team

About the EDST

The EDST, consisting of Aboriginal business specialists, provides advisory and support services to First Nations in BC. Allowing them to take the “next steps” regarding complex business decisions. Support and advice are tailored to the specific needs of each community.

Aboriginal Labour Market Community Navigator Initiative

About Navigators

New Relationship Trust, in partnership with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), is pleased to announce the Aboriginal Labour Market Community Navigator initiative.

Seven Community Navigators will be working directly at the community level in BC to link skills training directly with industry employment opportunities emerging in BC’s resource sector. For First Nations people to be successful in entering the workforce, it will be imperative that they have the capacities and the tools in place to gain quick and efficient access to necessary training and employment services.

Through partnerships with local governments, industry, training providers (Aboriginal Skills Employment Training Strategy, WorkBC, Colleges, etc.), and the First Nation communities themselves, our goal is to increase First Nations awareness and expedite the process of matching community needs, skills training programs, and LNG employment opportunities.

Young Entrepreneurs Symposium (YES)

The Young Entrepreneurs Symposium (YES) brings young Aboriginal entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be together with business leaders and role models to help them build the skills, knowledge and networks they need to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

The three-day event is challenge-based. Teams of delegates participate in a series of competitions designed to help build skills and gain valuable business knowledge. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three teams.

Delegates have ample opportunity to mingle with First Nation, Canadian and international business leaders and role models in a setting that provides an optimum mix of mentoring, networking, competition, and fun.


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