About Us

NRT is a capacity building catalyst for First Nations in BC. We are committed to providing tools and funding opportunities to our clients that advance their nation-building initiatives and establish resilient, healthy, and vibrant communities.

Our Beginnings

The NRT was established in 2006 through the enactment of the New Relationship Trust Act, Bill 11 – 2006 and was capitalized with an investment of $100 million from the Province of BC as an outcome of a Transformative Change Accord Agreement (the “Accord”) signed on November 25th, 2005, between the First Nation Leadership Council (comprised of British Columbia Assembly of First Nations, First Nations Summit, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs), the government of BC, and the government of Canada.

The Accord acknowledged the commitment to strengthen relationships on a government-to-government basis, the importance of First Nations’ governance in supporting healthy communities, and the need to streamline efforts to close the capacity and socio-economic gaps in First Nation Communities. The Parties also recognized that new resources would be required, and that transformative change would require indigenous-led funding approaches.

Our Business Model

NRT operates as a self-sustaining not-for profit organization. We manage a $100M fund in perpetuity such that the NRT operations and delivery of programs are funded by the investment income earned by the Fund and by third-party funds from private donors, corporate partnerships, and the Federal and Provincial governments to deliver impactful funding programs to First Nations.

Our Approach

NRT’s collaboration philosophy and commitment to remove barriers to funding are the cornerstones of our approach to supporting First Nations. Everything we do is based on the foundational understanding that significant emphasis be placed on each first nation communities’ unique structure, culture, relationships and journey towards their self-determination and nationhood.

We are continually seeking to remove barriers when funding First Nations and are committed to delivering and communicating the impact and positive outcomes to our strategic partners.


Self-determined, self-sustaining, First Nations with effective governments and healthy empowered citizens.


NRT invests in Capacity development and transformation of First Nation governments and their citizens.



Our funding is designed to be what is most relevant to the unique needs of each community.


The desire to constantly improve and seek new funding opportunities for First Nations is ingrained in our approach.


We strive to be the regional hub of excellence for supporting First Nation Capacity initiatives.


We will adapt and align our funding opportunities to the evolving indigenous landscape.