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Economic Dev Support Team

Economic Development Support Team

About the EDST

The EDST, consisting of Aboriginal business specialists, provides advisory and support services to First Nations in BC. Allowing them to take the “next steps” regarding complex business decisions. Support and advice are tailored to the specific needs of each community.

How it Works

An EDST Coordinator provides project management and guides First Nations through the application process.

Once a First Nation is engaged in the process, the EDST Advisors will offer guidance regarding strategic planning, policy and business development. Advisors are then selected to work with communities in making informed choices regarding project participation.

Advice will be based on the specific needs of participating communities; it can apply to business development, implementation, evaluation and/or analysis phases of economic projects.


First Nations in BC that have established economic development infrastructure, and are seeking advice on how to advance specific business projects are encouraged to apply to the EDST initiative.

Specific projects will be determined based on the current situational needs of the First Nations.

Examples of advisory services may include:

  • How to develop consultation and accommodation engagement strategies to maximize opportunities;
  • How to create negotiation strategies based on community needs; or
  • How to help implement the opportunities associated with a negotiated deal.

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Veronica Ghostkeeper-Gerow (Creyke)
EDST Coordinator

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