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Language & Culture

Language and Culture

Virtually all of BC’s First Nation languages are in danger. The timing is critical to focus on language protection and revival.

Partnering with First Peoples' Culture Council

In partnership with the First Peoples Culture Council (FPCC), NRT supports a number of initiatives designed to revive First Nation languages and cultures.

Language and Culture Camps: We support language and culture immersion camps for participants of all ages.

Master Apprentice: This new initiative pairs learners with fluent speakers, to create a new generation of fluency.

Pre-school immersion: This new immersion program is for pre-school students and their parents.

Language authorities: The initiative supports collaboration among communities that share the same language so they can build tools and work together on language revitalization.

First Voices: The First Voices program focuses on language archiving and web-tool creation. Outcomes include new tools, including a language tutor, pod cast, MySpace site, and tracking database.

BC Language Initiative: This initiative supports projects that revitalize First Nation languages through documentation, language classes, immersion programs, material and curriculum development, and promotion.

Arts Administrator and Cultural Manager Internships: This initiative helps communities build capacity to manage arts and culture by supporting internships and mentorships.

Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations: This initiative supports the inter-generational transmission of traditional arts skills and knowledge.

All of the above programs are administered by FPCC. To learn more, visit the FPCC web site.