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Governance Capacity

Governance Capacity

Building governance capacity helps First Nations and their communities move successfully toward independence and self governance.

Direct Support for Governance Capacity Building

NRT provides direct support to BC First Nations and their communities for capacity building initiatives. Support is provided according to communities' unique capacity needs. NRT funding is offered in two streams: grants for individual communities, and grants for three or more collaborating communities.

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Nation Councils Policy Initiative

The Nation Councils Policy Initiative supports policy development in BC at the Nation and tribal council level, and promotes information and resource sharing amongst the councils.

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Policy Development

NRT supports BC First Nation organizations with a provincial mandate to pursue policy development initiatives that directly benefit all First Nation citizens in BC.

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Capacity Tools & Resources

Additional Capacity support is being used to develop tools and resources that will benefit all First Nation communities. Specifically, in partnership with the First Nations Technology Council:

  • NRT has partnered with the First Nations Technology Council to develop the First Nations in BC Knowledge Network for sharing capacity tools, resources, and networking. This initiative is available at: www.fnbc.info
  • NRT has developed best practice studies for Governance, Consultation & Accommodation, Comprehensive Community Planning, Land Use Planning, and Environmental Assessments.  View Best Practice Reports.