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Language & Culture

Language & Culture

In partnership with the First Peoples' Heritage, Language and Culture Council, NRT supports six initiatives designed to revive First Nation languages and cultures.

Language and Culture Camps: This initiative makes funding available to communities for language and culture immersion camps.

Master Apprentice: This new initiative pairs learners with fluent speakers, to create a new generation of fluency.

Pre-school immersion: This new immersion program is for pre-school students and their parents.

Language authorities: The initiative supports collaboration among communities that share the same language so they can build tools and work together on language revitalization.

First Voices: The First Voices program focuses on language archiving and web-tool creation. Outcomes include new tools, including a language tutor, podcast, MySpace site, and tracking database.

BC Language Initiative: This initiative supports projects that revitalize First Nation languages through documentation, language classes, immersion programs, material and curriculum development, and promotion.

Arts Administrator and Cultural Manager Internships: This initiative helps communities build capacity to manage arts and culture by supporting internships and mentorships.

Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations: This initiative supports the inter-generational transmission of traditional arts skills and knowledge.

All of the above programs are administered by FPCC. For funding information and guidelines, visit the FPCC web site.